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Hello friends …

My introduction is “Pt. Jyotishacharya Sandeep Kanswal” and this is my blog www.jskastrology.in,

I passed my studies from Haridwar Geeta Sanskrit College, Fourth Section and after that, I completed Shastri (BA) and Acharya (MA) from Shri Jagat Dev Singh Sanskrit College, Sapta Sarovar and also continued astrology from 2012. And still continues. Because astrology is a sea that is not possible to cross.
Therefore, I have brought my study of 8 – 9 years and my experiences after that to guide you through this blog.

In this blog, I have brought all the information related to Astrology scripture. In which, related to planets and horoscopes, related to fast-chanting-pooja-recitation, auspicious, auspicious Lagna, associated with festivals, and will tell you about the troubles caused by the planets and their remedies which will definitely benefit you.

So stay connected with me through this blog of mine.

About me.
City – Dehradun
State – Uttarakhand
E-mail – me@jskastrology.in